Located in western Palm Beach County, The Wellington Equestrian & Golf Club is a private residential resort community that celebrates the best of South Florida living and its rich equestrian lifestyle. NEXUS Luxury Collection was invited to invest and lead the planning, design, and development of the new club community that is located just 15 miles west of Palm Beach and 20 minutes from Palm Beach International Airport (PBI). The community also borders the Wellington International Showgrounds, home of the world-famous Winter Equestrian Festival, and provides easy access via golf carts.

Subject to Village of Wellington approval, the community will feature custom residences designed by some of the world’s foremost architects and a multitude of world-class amenities designed for families and people of all ages, including a reimagined Pete Dye-designed 18-hole championship golf course, a 100,000-square-foot facility dedicated to sports performance, wellness, fitness and recovery, and an array of tennis, padel and pickleball courts, pools, restaurants, walking trails, and children’s amenities to ensure The Wellington Equestrian & Golf Club endures for generations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some of the frequently asked questions we’ve received from the community.

Who are the developers behind The Wellington Equestrian & Golf Club community?


A joint venture has been formed called Wellington Lifestyle Partners (WLP), which includes Wellington Equestrian Partners and other long-time local residents, who have invited the NEXUS Luxury Collection to join as a co-investor, lead developer and operator for the planned new residential community calledThe Wellington Equestrian &Golf Club.

WLP will be led by CEO and Managing Partner Douglas McMahon along with a team of executives that includes Paige Bellissimo, Executive Vice President andPartner.

WLP is committed to working with the Village of Wellington to garner all approvals and permits to plan, design, and build one of the finest residential club communities in the world.

Why was NEXUS Luxury Collection selected as the development partner?


Backed by Tavistock Group, Tiger Woods, Justin Timberlake and Ernie Els, the NEXUS Luxury Collection is an experienced real estate development and hospitality management company with a hands-on orientation, a long-term focus and extreme attention to detail as they create luxury communities, clubs and experiences for their members.

A hallmark of this development team is their investment and participation in the local communities where they’ve established developments, including Isleworth Golf & CountryClub in Windermere, Florida, Lake Nona Golf & Country Club in Orlando,Florida, and Albany in Nassau, The Bahamas.

Where are these plans in the development process?


We have formally submitted to the Village of Wellington applications for the North Parcel and South Parcel (Global Equestrian Group is a co-applicant in converting the existing residential zoning for Parcel F to equestrian commercial to facilitate the expansion of Wellington International Showgrounds).  

We are in the process of revising and resubmitting our commercial application. We are preparing to meet with the Equestrian Preserve Committee, Planning, Zoning, and Adjustment Board, and the Village of Wellington Council in the coming months.

Do the plans include a new commercial center along South Shore Boulevard?


Yes. It is our intention to build a pedestrian-friendly enclave of specialty shops and boutiques, restaurants, cafes and coffee bars with open green spaces and common areas, a gallery and an array of office spaces for companies and individuals.

We have been inspired by some of Florida’s most charming pedestrian-friendly commercial corridors including Worth Avenue in Palm Beach, Fifth Avenue in Naples and Park Avenue in Winter Park.

What is the Equestrian Overlay Zoning District (EOZD)?


There is often confusion around the land designated as the Equestrian Preserve. The designation is misleading because the land is not public nor protected as green space.

The Equestrian Overlay Zoning District (EOZD), commonly referred to as the “Equestrian Preserve,” is a 9,000-acre zoning overlay with defined residential, commercial, recreational, and horse-sport assets as depicted in the boundary map below.

A key feature of the EOZD is the unique interconnected bridle trail system. Our proposed plan preserves and maintains the bridle trails and connections within the EOZD.

Specifically, our South Parcel will support a new expansive public east-to-west bridle trail and additional horse farms modeled after Mallet Hill.

With the relocation and enhancement of the horse show venue to Parcel F, our North Parcel is better suited for residential and amenity use given the surrounding residential and club environments.

Pierson Road forms a natural northern border for the EOZD.

What are the goals for the Equestrian Preserve Area (EPA)?


1) Preserve Wellington’s equestrian community and its equestrian lifestyle.

2) Maintain a multi-modal transportation network (bridle trail, golf cart, and pedestrian pathways) within the EPA with a focus on the safety of horses and riders.

3) Support the equestrian competition industry as a component of the equestrian lifestyle and an economic sector of the Village of Wellington.

What are the existing entitlements for the North and South Parcels?


Across the entire North Parcel, 56 residential dwelling units are currently allocated.

Within the South Parcel today, separate to our application, 137 residential dwelling units are allocated. It is proposed that the existing 60 residential dwelling units currently allocated to Parcel F (The Wellington International Showgrounds southern expansion) would be transferred to our South Parcel.

Our South Parcel also currently has 5 acres zoned for commercial use. The commercial designation will be converted to residential as part of our application and to support our residential dwelling unit expansion.

How will the proposed plans impact traffic?


Simmons & White completed a comprehensive traffic study. Broadly, they have concluded that our proposed residential plan is a less intense use compared to the existing Equestrian Commercial Arena. Additionally, their analysis did offer some practical recommendations to address historic traffic congestion, wait times and any ancillary implications from our plans.

● Consolidation of horse-sport venues to the southwest will reduce the highest conflict point at the intersection of South Shore Boulevard and Pierson Road.

● Today the Winter Equestrian Festival and Global Dressage Festival are in two separate locations causing tremendous traffic challenges. Given their separate locations, an overwhelming amount of back-and-forth traffic exists with hundreds of cars, trailers, pedestrians, golf carts, and horses traveling between the two venues.

● The Equestrian Venue at Equestrian Village is used at a high intensity and has experienced significant growth over the last 10 years. By relocating the Equestrian Venue and consolidating to a new world-class venue, the equestrian sport industry is better positioned for healthy future growth.

● With the relocation of the Equestrian Venue and the approval of our North and South Parcel plans, Wellington Lifestyle Partners will invest in significant road improvements (e.g., new turning lanes, lengthening existing turning lanes). Blue arrows show extensions of turning lanes, and white arrows show new turning lanes to be added.